4 Stars

Chris Cook • REMEMBERING • Tree O Records

Chris Cook from North Carolina has been a regular visitor to the UK for a few years now and has steadily built up a large fan base that will love his latest offering. The songs on REMEMBERING are very well-written and, in the best country tradition, all tell a good story. Couple this to Chris’ world weary, slightly gnarled voice and handsome good looks you’d think this would be a guaranteed bona-fide hit record; but the World doesn’t always work that way, which is a shame.

My favourite songs are the slow love songs, which suit his voice like a well-worn leather glove and I keep going back to Get Over The One, which harks back to my own lovelorn teenage days and the mandolin led Growing Up which just avoids entering ‘Grumpy Old Man’ territory as the singer looks back on an eventful life and wonders‘what if.’

Chris Cook can also rock-out when he feels like it and Between A Rock And A Romance sounds like a Tom Petty song sung by Kris Kristofferson and Heartless Road could easily find itself on a Tim McGraw or Brad Paisley album and fill Cook’s coffers from the radio plays it would gain. The same is true of the swinging and retrospective The Boy I Used to Know which is a real showstopper and will probably close his concerts for years to come. I’m new to Chris Cook and after listening to REMEMBERING for a few weeks now; I’m a convert and look forward to seeing him play live some time soon.  -Alan Harrison

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